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Botanical Art Online 

Dianne has written and delivers a number of online courses in Botanical Art which are available on her dedicated course website



She also travels extensively and has taught as far afield as New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA.

Classes are often run at various UK florilegium and botanical art societies and provided demonstrations at the Society of Botanical Artists annual exhibition and taught several classes at the ASBA Annual conference. 

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I started teaching online some years ago because I felt that there was a need for better access to botanical art education. I wanted to write a course that covered the all important techniques that are so often missed out in teaching - at that time there was very little available online. The Botanical Illustration course was presented for the first time in 2012 and continues to evolve each year as I lean more about what students need. I've recently added more materials on my method  of colour mixing and some professional development materials.

Delivering a class on vellum techniques in Portland, USA, 2016.

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