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The sketchbook stories - click images to enlarge 

I've been keeping a sketchbook for a number of years and in the last two years began binding my own books as well as experimenting on coloured paper sketchbooks. 

If you're interested in keeping a sketchbook I have a tutorial on my other website. Click here for information 

Since 2020 Ive been working on a white flower sketchbook, see images on the right.

See the gallery below for more information on other sketches and study pages.

Fritillaria imperialista
Papaver somniferum
New Zealand Kowhai
New Zealand Kakabeak
Sturt's Desert Pea, Australia
Graphite Hellebore
Black Rose Hips
Fritillaria studies
Another Fritillaria
Jade Vine Flowers
Clematis, mum's garden
Lichens on Hawthorn, Scotland
Iris foetidissima, local park
Freesia study
More Fritillaria and Grape Hyacinth
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