Nothing captures attention more than the natural world with all its intricacies and beauty. In my work I try to capture nature through careful observation and exploration of the finer details within the life of plants, to tell their stories. 

Having trained in both science and artit was a natural progression to put the two disciplines together and to become a botanical artist and illustrator. 

Being an artist within this field is an ever evolving  process, there's always something new to learn. I strive to portray plants accurately in a way that represents their character, sometimes this can be a simple portrait and nothing more is required, at other times it can be a complex arrangement of interaction parts, which sometimes includes plant animal interactions but with every subject there are new challenges. I wrote my thesis on floral morphology in relation to reproductive success and this subject still fascinates me. Currently I'm working on painting native British species but love to travel to find new and exciting plants and projects too. 

Chosen mediums are graphite and watercolour on paper and vellum. I have a particular love for creating sketchbook and study pages, this is the place where I  become aquainted  with my subjects.  Read more