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Essays and Articles

As well as writing the blog, I've written a number of essays and articles, here are a few, will add more if time permits.

Arthur Harry Church Essay

I wrote this very short essay as part of my Botanical Art Diploma, it used to be on my old website and a few people have asked me for it, so I finally found it! Not sure why but I've lost the images but the text is still there, will try to resolve that if I can find the time. I

know very much more about him now than I did back then, so may even update this. for example, did you know that he made an under painting with white? As this was the only way he could achieve the vibrancy that he sought!

I love Church although he's not much of an painter if you look at his leaves etc. but a great illustrator and investigator of his subject. I've painted a few 'homage' to Church pieces and most recently have been working with my daughter, artist, Polly Sutherland, to create large dissections in graphite and watercolour.

Read the Arthur Harry Church Essay


Jackson's Art Article

I was invited to write for Jacksons Art in 2017 in an article about Botanical Art, Read the article here. 

Jacksons: The Boundaries of Botanical Art 

ASBA Articles 

Ive written several articles for the American Society of Botanical Artists.  it's a great organisation and I'm always happy to do something for them. More to follow. 

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